The Company

The “Roboty Ziemne, Budowlane i Drogowe z Własnym Transportem” [Earthworks, building and road works provided with our own transport] company was registered at the Town and Community Council in Stolec Kujawski on the 20th of February, 1990 on the basis of an entry into the Business Activity Register. The owner of the company is Tadeusz Szczepanski. The company capital is controlled by one person, which has a positive influence on high efficiency and flexibility in managing the company. It also guarantees solidity and honesty towards contracting parties. Our headquarters are at 6, Nadbornej street in Stolec Kujawski. We specialize in supplying earthworks, dismantling, building services, road and rail works, as well as equipment and transportation services. (We have a license to carry dangerous goods by road). We are also involved in selling crushed rocks, fertile land, ready-mixed concrete, sett (granite and concrete) and small ware.

We have highly qualified technical personnel, modern equipment and building machines. We specialize in solving many technological problems and improving work organization, which enables us to guarantee the terms and quality of works and the ability to negotiate prices with the investors.